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Cat Sitting & Dog Walking Service Based in Ware, Hertfordshire

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Cat Sitting

My cat sitting service, offers personal trustworthy and reliable care for your kitty companion at home whilst you are away, whether for just one day, a long weekend, or a number of weeks.

Stay at home eliminates the stress and anxiety of those upsetting 'hide and seek' episodes displayed by your cat having to be painstakingly coaxed out from under the bed or behind the sofa, instinctively aware of an impending 'capture' and having to endure a fraught car journey to a cattery. As a long term cat owner myself, I fully appreciate how upsetting such an experience can be for the both of you.

Cats are free spirited, innately territorial and regimented in their ways and do not like any enforced change to their routine, living quarters or outside space. This stay at home option therefore provides continued stability and reassurance for your cat during your absence.

Dog Walking

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My dog walking service, offers trustworthy personal assistance to owners run off their feet with a hectic life style, having work commitments at the office, or perhaps unable to walk doggie due to health reasons.

Maybe your doggie companion needs extra walks to help shift those extra pounds! Whatever the reason, it will be just me and your doggie, enjoying a solo walk together in your local area/countryside.

A puppy can be taken out for short walks on the lead one or two weeks after the last vaccination booster - this is normally around 14-16 weeks old, but best to check first with your vet to be on the safe side.

*I also offer comfort visits for home alone doggies, providing company, interaction and toiletry breaks - please contact me to discuss individual needs and for a quote*