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Cat Sitting & Dog Walking

I will email you a document pack ahead of our meeting. This will include Owners/Pet Information Forms & Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Agreement. These documents serve as the base of my Terms and Conditions.

I will only provide cat/dog treats if permitted along with a litter scoop, environmentally disposable waste bags, portable water bowl and bottle for dog walking. All other supplies including food, bedding, cat litter & litter waste bags, brush/combs, cleaning products - dog collars/leads and towels for wet or muddy dog walks - must be provided by you, the Client.

I will take advice from you as to any favourite dog walks in your area and will also make the most of any local open countryside available. I offer exclusive solo walks with your dog on the lead and will provide an extendable lead for additional sense of freedom. I do not walk dogs in packs, the maximum would be two and only if both owned by you and providing they are happy to walk together.

In the event your pet having a serious illness or injury, I will obtain medical advice from your nominated Vet or the nearest available. I will endeavour to contact you or speak with your nominated Pet Guardian. However, my actions will be governed by the advice and guidance of the Vet and for the welfare of the animal.

Payment and Cancellation Terms:

Receipt of my invoice will validate the client booking.

Cat Sitting - Payment must be received by the START of the cat home visiting engagement, by bank transfer or cheque.

Dog Walking - Payment must be received on an ADVANCED WEEKLY basis ahead of a dog walking engagement, by bank transfer of cheque.

24 HOURS NOTICE must be provided for a booking cancellation, otherwise bookings to be paid in full.
This also applies to any reduction in days of the agreed Cat Sitting engagement.
With regard to Dog Walking, if a non-refundable booking cancellation has taken place, I will further liaise with the Client in an attempt to reschedule.

It is recommended I continue to retain your house key in the event you are delayed returning home or for the future convenience making bookings or for short notice away days. This will avoid an additional key acquiring charge. However your key will be returned to you at the end of a Cat Sitting or Dog Walking engagement if you so wish.

Your personal details will be held in confidence and locked away separate to your door keys, which will be coded and also stored securely, as outlined in my Privacy Policy.

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Fun Facts

The love of cats is called ‘Ailurophilia’.
The love of dogs is called ‘Canophilia’.

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