Customer Testimonials

  • 'A couple of months ago I was searching online for a professional and reliable cat sitter. As soon as I came across Kim's website I felt she would be the perfect safe keeper of our two special kitty boys. We have two rescued cat boys with special needs, they are indoor cats, both having their own strong personalities. Nemo is a three legged brown tabby, quite aloof and unpredictable with people and Little Prince is a very shy black beauty with Cerebellar Ataxia - he is unable to coordinate balance on his four paws - but remarkably is a great climber!...loving his food along with lots of cuddles. After making contact with Kim she came over for the assessment visit and as soon as we met, all I had felt about her through the website was strongly confirmed. Kim is a really beautiful person inside and outside so naturally full of love and compassion and so attentive to every single detail, even the smallest one. She took careful note of all the habits of the two boys, including their different food requirements and 'rules of the house' safety measures for the boys and the house itself. Kim is so professional and conscientious with her role, the week before starting her cat sitting with the boys, she made an additional voluntary trip over to double check the electronic entrance gate and strict parking regulations where we live. Last weekend Kim had her first cover for the boys while we were on a long weekend away in Cornwall, and exceeded our expectations. She was fantastic, sending us updates and videos and lovely selfies with the two boys after every visit. We could see from the videos both Nemo and Little Prince were so comfortable with her, not shy nor unsure, really at ease. She played with them all the time, gaining their trust and love. This is because they felt she is a pure and kind animal lover. Kim took perfect care of them, and I have to admit Little Prince is quite messy with the litter tray, but we arrived home to no mess at all! Kim had made sure it was spotless. I am an anxious person, but this time as Kim was looking after our boys I could finally relax and enjoy our break away with no worries. We have been so lucky in finding Kim - I prefer to refer to her as our adorable boys Guardian Angel. Thank you Kim with all our hearts ♥️ the boys are looking forward to your next visits'.

    Aless & Ryan - Hertford

  • 'Kim has been such a great find! Our Teacup Chihuahua Tiana was new to us in September 2018, a very timid 3 year old. We are her third owners in a year, so we had our work cut out to ensure she felt loved and comfortable even when we were at work. Kim is a very warm and caring person whom we connected with straight away. She's worked hard gaining Tiana's trust and they are now great friends. We rely on Kim for her comfort visits twice a week and we find her time with Tiana invaluable to us, knowing our little dog is happy and has company during the days we cannot be around. We would recommend Kim and her services to anyone who's fur baby needs some comfort, feeding or walking......thanks Kim, to us you are amazing!'

    Ema & Nick - Hoddesdon

  • 'Kim is such a great help - ensuring she not only feeds, but spends time with our cats Boris and Luna whilst we are away. Her updates are fantastic and we would highly recommend Kim to other cat lovers'.

    Adelle & Patrick - Hertford

  • 'We were delighted with the care and attention our two cats Alan and Coco received from Kim during our 6-day holiday in Cornwall. She sent us videos and text updates everyday allowing us to enjoy our holiday in the comforting knowledge that our pets were being cared for and loved in their own home. When one of our cats limped in through the cat-flap one morning Kim's reaction was very reasuring.  She called the emergency vet at the local practice and arranged immediate care. She reacted in exactly the same way that we would have ourselves and following the diagnosis of a badly sprained front paw, Kim was on hand every day to administer the prescribed drugs and to take extra care of our wounded soldier. We are very grateful to Kim for her professionalism and care and we would have no hesitation in recommending Fur Baby Minder to other loving pet owners'. 

    Rob & Polly - Hoddesdon

  • 'Kim has been looking after our little ‘Jug’ Gurgi three times a week for the last few months (and on-going) as we are both teachers and needed to make sure Gurgi is OK during the day. We are so happy that we found Kim. It has been very easy to set up regular comfort visits and make payment by bank transfer. We both receive photos and videos of our little boy playing and having a great time with Kim via WhatsApp, which really brightens our working day! Our initial consultation made us feel confident that the whole process would be straightforward and we were also given lots of useful advice. Kim’s comfort visits have really helped Gurgi with any separation anxiety and we know he really enjoys his three hours a week with Kim. It is very simple to stay in touch and to make any alterations should they arise or to ask any questions. We would recommend Fur Baby Minder to anyone who is looking for a kind, caring visitor to look after their furry friend during long spells at home alone'.

    Lee & Natasha - Hoddesdon

  • 'We were thrilled with the service we received from Kim. She went totally above and beyond to care for our two kittens Archie & Lily and cat Cosmo whilst we went away. The daily videos and updates were lovely and put our minds at rest. I would recommend Kim without reservation – she is an extremely caring person with a natural affinity for animals. Thank you so much, Kim! x'

    Joanna - Hertford

  • 'We feel super lucky to have found Kim. She is doing a great job with our Cockerpoo pup Barney and it's such a relief to know she's there to look after him when we can't be around. Her attention to detail is second to none and she is so caring and thoughtful. I love the 'pup dates' she sends me when I'm at work (videos, photos and messages about how Barney is getting on). Would definitely recommend Kim to anyone looking for the personal touch and someone who will go the extra mile for you and your furry friend'.

    Emily - Hertford

  • 'Kim was wonderful with my fur baby Mr T. From the moment she met him, I could see that she had an affinity and love for cats and his positive reaction to her (along with her preparedness and professionalism) reassured me that Kim was the right person to care for him in my absence. Kim sent me texts and videos while I was away which were a source of reassurance and amusement and also gave Mr T his medicine added to his food. She left the house in an immaculate state, his litter tray and food bowls were spotless. She even picked up my post. I came home to a happy contented cat who hardly seemed to have missed me at all! I will definitely be using Kim again when I take my next trip, hopefully very soon!'.

    Jenny - Ware

  • 'Thank you so much Kim for looking after our Daisy whilst we were away. Your daily videos and updates really put our minds at ease as Daisy is a very nervous cat - but she came and sat downstairs with you much to our surprise! You are so conscientious and caring, I had no qualms about leaving Daisy in your care and will do so again in the near future'.

    Lisa & Mark - Ware

  • 'Kim from Fur Baby Minder looked after Oscar my Bengal cat over the August bank holiday weekend. From our initial meeting Kim is clearly super organised and a real animal lover. She came prepared with all the necessary forms to ensure she had all the details on how Oscar should be looked after as well as those important things like insurance, police checks and references. She quickly bonded with Oscar and had him playing with her as well as with Theo my dog who was jealous of the attention Oscar was getting! Once we went away Kim sent us an update plus photos and videos of Oscar after every visit and she certainly spent a lot of time entertaining, playing and fussing him which he really loved as well as the practical things like feeding and cleaning his litter tray. We came home to a very happy and contented cat. I would not hesitate to recommend Kim as a pet sitter and feel confident that my pets and my house are in expert and safe hands with Kim'.

    Caroline - Ware

  • 'We had Kim come to look after our cats Fudge, Casper and Oreo for a few days while we were away. Kim is 100% trustworthy and put our minds at ease with her twice daily updates along with photos/videos. Kim is a very kind and caring person, looking after our cats as well as if they were her own'.

    Anthony & Kelly - Hoddesdon

  • 'Kim did a wonderful job looking after our cat Carly whilst we were away. Before we even went away Kim came round and explained everything about how she works. When away, we received regular updates, photos and videos. When we arrived home Carly was so relaxed and happy and Kim had cleaned the litter tray, topped up Carly's food and water and even put our post in the kitchen. Kim is the sweetest, nicest person whom we trust 100% and will be using again, again and again! Highly recommend this wonderful lady'.

    Alison & Simon - Ware

  • 'I can honestly say Kim is one of the nicest ladies I have met. There are not many people I trust my dog with, but I am able to completely depend on Kim. She is very kind and great with my Beagle Bruno, always willing to go out of her way to help such as walking him very early mornings during the recent extreme hot weather. Kim also tries her best to arrive as close to the agreed time as possible. I can highly recommend the service she provides'.

    Maggie - Waterford

  • 'Kim looked after our two cats Knuckles and Beauty when we went away for a week's holiday recently. We found Kim to be extremely professional, very warm, kind and caring - every eventuality was covered. Kim went the extra mile to ensure that our cats were happy - not only did she feed them, but she also spent time to play and get to know their different characters, making them feel more at ease in our absence. Kim also kept us updated by text and email after every visit including sending us photos and videos, which made us feel very reassured our cats were happy and in turn meant we could enjoy our holiday without worrying about them. We would thoroughly recommend Kim if anyone should need to use a pet sitter - the service Kim offers is first class'.

    Dawn & Derek - Ware

  • 'Due to various health problems, I needed someone to walk my dog and am so glad I found Fur Baby Minder on the internet. From the first visit I knew Kim was the right person, she is very caring and trustworthy, my dog Purdy loves her. I have no hesitation in recommending Fur Baby Minder, in fact I have already recommended Kim to family and friends'.

    Barbara - Ware

  • 'Thank you Kim for looking after Archie and Elsie so beautifully and with such care and attention. I have returned from my break to two happy cats, a watered garden and everything just 'tickety-boo!'

    Trudi - Hertford Heath

  • 'After a leaflet coming through our door, we decided to engage Fur Baby Minder to look after our cat Theo for a week whilst we were on holiday. From the very outset Kim was the perfect mix of personal and professional, being totally thorough in understanding our house, Theo and all the particular needs and foibles that come with the individual characteristics of a pet. The process put our minds at ease, meaning we both felt we could relax and enjoy our holiday so much more knowing that Theo was in such good hands. This feeling was continually reassured by the daily message, photo and video updates. The twice daily visits Kim provided were tailored to meet our/Theo's needs and delivered with a real sense of care and compassion. Even though Theo was pleased to see us when we got home, we're pretty sure he misses Kim a little. They formed a genuine bond as Kim spent time with him on his terms; feeding, brushing, playing, fussing.....We will definitely be using Fur Baby Minder again and wouldn't hesitate to wholly recommend Kim and her services'.

    Ian & Gemma - Ware

  • 'We had Kim look after our cat Milly for four days in May. Before we went away Kim came round and went through a thorough checklist so we felt confident that all would be well. Kim is clearly an animal lover and sent us lots of detailed updates and photos while we were away. She exceeded our expectations and Milly quickly warmed to her too'.

    Tim & Sarah - Ware

  • 'My introduction to Fur Baby Minder came after I received a leaflet advertising the services through my door. I contacted Kim, arranged to meet up as I wanted my cat fed whilst I was away. Kim came to my house and met both myself and my cat Boris, what a lovely friendly lady Kim is and it is completely apparent that she is extremely dedicated to her work and her love for animals. Kim spent about an hour with us explaining what services she offered etc, we then went through some paperwork where Kim asked lots of questions about Boris and my home e.g. which vets, emergency contact, where the fuse box was, water tap etc....things that never even occurred to me that could be important....she also showed me proof of her police checks and references. With all that in place and completed we arranged to meet the day before I went away to collect the key and meet Boris again. I went on holiday and Kim's duties began! The first day Kim came to feed Boris at 8am....after feeding him she spent approx 20 minutes with him, taking photos and petting him....she then sent the photos to me with a little explanation of how he was that day. This happened every morning and I looked forward to the daily updates....each time with photos and comments!! Bless her, I had only asked for a 'pop in' service but she went above and beyond that, removing any food waste etc. I cannot recommend Fur Baby Minder highly enough....Kim is extremely professional and the most kind caring person you would ever wish to meet....Boris thought so too! She completely took the stress out of leaving my pet at home and the daily updates were invaluable. We will definitely be booking Kim again'. 

    Sharon - Ware

  • 'Kim has been looking after our four dogs (Greyhounds) for several weeks now and they love it. Whilst they are in Kim's care she spends the time playing with them, grooming them and giving them shoulder and chest massages - which they love. When we get home, they are all relaxed and content. My partner worked from home one day and he noticed that they were waiting at the door for Kim to arrive at her usual time! Kim is extremely kind and also very professional. She has done a fantastic job for our dogs and I don't know what we would do without her'.

    Laura & Adam - Ware

  • 'Kim looked after my two cats over the Easter break - a total of four days. My little girl 'Smeagol' is 13 and my baby boy 'Stuart' is just over a year old - so Kim had both ends of the spectrum to deal with! One is very aloof and the other is quite skittish and nervous around new people, but from day one they seemed to warm to Kim - which was so reassuring!!! It was a real weight off my mind knowing that they were both in good hands while I was away. The twice daily photos and updates were so lovely to receive too!! I've never used a cat sitter before, as I wasn't comfortable with the thought of having somebody I didn't know in my home but Kim has done such a great job that I will 100% be booking Kim in the future!!!'

    Marcia - Ware

  • 'Kim came and looked after our elderly and frail cat "Mrs Wu" on a number of occasions when we were away, administering medication and making sure she was comfortable. I have known Kim for many years, her attention to detail and care in looking after her own along with other peoples pets is second to none and conveys her great love of our four legged friends'.

    Diana - Hertford

  • 'Kim walked my puppy when I had to go out, really helped me to know Anise would be well looked after and was in safe caring hands. It's good to know I can rely on Kim when needed'.

    Gill - Hertford

  • 'Angel always enjoys her fun walks with Kim. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fur Baby Minder. Kim is a natural with animals and is willing to spend time building up a relationship with the much loved pet she is looking after. Kim is also 100% trustworthy and reliable'.

    Cheryl - Ware