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GDPR Policy by Fur Baby Minder

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Type of Personal Client Data Held:

The type of Personal Data held by Fur Baby Minder is currently for clients and consists of:

Full Name/s
Email Address/es
Phone number/s
Property Address
Pet Details
Emergency contact information (for property and pets)
Information about house mains/electrics/gas/heating for the home (in case of an emergency)
Keys if required

Why is the Client Data held?

Fur Baby Minder only hold clients’ personal data, as above, for contractual purposes.

Who has access to the Data held?

Kim Korakidis as the owner of Fur Baby Minder is the Data Controller and has the overall access to all data provided by the client and handled by Fur Baby Minder. No other person has access to the data held by Fur Baby Minder.

How Data is handled by Fur Baby Minder:

On receipt of a phone call or email enquiry received by Fur Baby Minder with a potential client, an exchange of emails occurs.

Fur Baby Minder has Questionnaire & Agreement forms in place which serve as the base of the business Terms and Conditions and are required to be completed during Fur Baby Minder's initial consultation meeting with the client. These documents are signed and dated by both parties.

Fur Baby Minder subsequently scans the completed/signed documents and emails to the client.

Fur Baby Minder retains a copy of the email and document attachments on a laptop hard drive and a hard copy is stored in a locked cabinet. Should client keys be retained by Fur Baby Minder, these are stored in a locked safe with a key fob code only known by Kim Korakidis.

Information is transferred to an invoice which is emailed to the client. A hard copy is stored in a locked cabinet.

In addition, to allow ease of running a contract, a client's name and phone number are held on the mobile phone owned by Kim Korakidis of Fur Baby Minder, which has a locked key pad. If a client becomes inactive, details are removed from the phone.

How Data is secured:

Kim Korakidis' laptop is password protected and secured. The mobile phone owned by Kim Korakidis is password protected. Any hard copy documents are stored in a locked cabinet and any client keys retained are stored in a locked safe with a key fob code.

Third Parties:

Prior to Fur Baby Minder providing any client personal data to a third party, Fur Baby Minder confirms that it has undertaken necessary steps to ensure that the third party is GDPR compliant. Currently the only third party who has access to the data held by Fur Baby Minder is the accountant who only has access to the accounts and invoicing of Fur Baby Minder.

How long is the Data held?

Any live data is held on Kim Korakidis' laptop until a client no longer requires the services of Fur Baby Minder. Once Fur Baby Minder is no longer providing a service with a client, the business will archive documents on the laptop for a period of 7 years and thereafter deleted. Likewise, hard copy documents will be stored for a period of 7 years and thereafter destroyed.

Data Access Request:

Clients of Fur Baby Minder can ask to see the data which is held about them. A client can also ask for their data to be removed and/or changes made. Fur Baby Minder confirms it will respond to any Data Access Request within the required timeframe.

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